“I Hope To [Fill In The Blank]”: 3 Reasons You Should Start Today

In my former profession, I worked as a Sales Director, “I hope to [fill in the blank],” would be answered with “hope is not a strategy.”

And, well it’s not.

That sales principle relates to life, love, and work. You don't want to sit around hoping to get started. Hoping that someone gives you permission, money, a laptop, and encouragement, an outline of your business, or a kind word to get started. Think about hoping to fall in love. Yes, good things come to those who wait (cliché) because patience is a virtue (another cliché). But you have in your grasp the ability to make things happen - why would you wait? Who are you waiting on? What are you doing in the intermediate while you are waiting?

Here are three reasons you should get started on your book, your business, your ministry, and your project today.

You Are Getting Older

Yes, we are all getting older each day, and if we are blessed enough to see another birthday, then we age one more year. For most, age equals more responsibility (kids and family), more possessions, more baggage, more deeply held beliefs or ways of thinking that could limit your creativity. You have the idea today - act today. It won’t hurt to scribble a bit of your thoughts on a piece of paper this minute.

Your Passion Is Now

You have the passion for your project today. Why put off what you can do today tomorrow? Usually when I fail to write down an idea at the moment or wait to take action on an inkling I have, it typically never gets done. I never seem to get around to doing it. What if you and I got in the habit of doing things now? That good idea cannot wait, it wants out, so get it out or at least down.

There Is Great Pain and Joy in Getting Started

I will tell you from experience that acting on your passion hurts – especially in writing. To put yourself in a position where the outcome is your own can be immobilizing. But what happens next is transforming, slowly you begin to silence the annoying, negative voice in your head, slowly you come into your own, feel comfortable in your skin. You start to hear your inner brave voice clearly.

The voice that assisted you in imagining another world when you were young, the voice that encouraged coloring outside the lines, and applauded you for taking on dangers. It is that inner voice you desire to meet to assist you in chasing and accomplishing your dreams.