Some Dreams Never Die

My husband and I attended the Dallas Mavericks game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday. It was a high-intensity game with plenty of vivid highlights, but as we sat there, I could not help but think back to the dream I had when I was sixteen years old. 

The dream that inspired me to read the North Carolina Way by legendary Coach, Dean Smith when I was young. That same dream that fueled my passion to work in the sports industry. First, interning in college and then leading the start of two NBA developmental teams in my twenties. 

It is the same dream that led me to write my first book about breaking into the sports industry. It is the dream that found me Monday night in a crowded arena full of people working towards a unified goal - to win. 

Question: What was your major dream growing up? 

Unity, team, and achievement are why I fell in love with sports and why I worked for free as an intern selling door to door in the Texas heat inquiring if a business had a plan for their client and employee entertainment. 

My goal to be the first minority woman to be a majority owner of and NBA team has not died. I simply acquired another dream: to help others find their voice, to tell stories, to write. 

I believe our dreams never die no matter how far we move away from them. They wait until we are unafraid to reappear. 

What dream are you fighting for today?