“Virtual Mentor” and Overachiever, Micheal Hyatt’s Toolbox for Business Success

Image by carlos muza 

Image by carlos muza 

I like this guy.

Not just because Dave Ramsey and Max Lucado vouch for him (both these guys write the best books), but because he is into sharing his success strategies with newbies and youngin’s like you and me.

I've realized over the years that people need more than just encouragement to accomplish their dreams. They need tools, resources, funding, and support. 

Therefore, because I discovered Michael online, you now get the secrets to building a successful blog, business, app, brand, or whatever your heart desires. These tools will allow you to build smarter. Oh, and most of them are FREE! 

Who is Micheal Hyatt? 

Click here for a complete list of the items he recommends – Micheal Hyatt’s Secrets

Michael Hyatt's Toolkit 

Michael Hyatt's Toolkit 

Below I have listed the current tools he recommends with my comments based on my personal use of them.

Again, these are the apps and sites I use each and every day to develop, distribute, and analyze progress in growing my business. 

  • Akismet (FREE)  – love, love, love! My faith blog is placed on Wordpress, and this plugin keeps spam junk from entering my orbit.
  • Buffer (FREE with paid features)  – I am more of a Hootsuite kind-of girl. But both these apps allow you to manage schedule, post, and view multiple social media accounts effortlessly. 
  • Disqus – This tool allows me to manage and respond to comments on my blog. It is a great way to stay in touch with your growing following by responding to comments as they come in. 
  • Wordpress (FREE with paid features)  – Manna from the heavens. A no excuse, no hassle, no stress way to start blogging or launch your personal website. I use Wordpress for a separate blog and love how they have a built-in community to like and share your content. It will give you the encouragement you need to keep going in the early stages. 
  • Google Analytics (FREE with paid features)  – Remember, you are a growth hacker. Analytics are super important to understanding your audience and what they like. Analytics also helps you determine what your most popular content is, demographics, and how many hits you are getting to your site per day.  
  • Mailchimp (FREE with paid features)  – I’ve used them since 2012 to distribute my monthly newsletter. A great tool to track newsletter open and click rates. You have the option to pre-schedule campaigns for optimal posting times and connect them to social media sites so that unsubscribed followers can still view the content as well. [shameless plug] Sign-up here for my, encouraging, rowdy and informative business newsletter.
  • Scribe – Doing research on this tool as we speak! If it optimizes content for the web, sign me up

As Ryan Holiday mentions in Growth Hacker Marketing, the fresh way to market and develop your “whatever” is to think like a growth hacker.

“A growth hacker is someone who has thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable. Their tools are e-mails, pay-per-click ads, blogs, and platforms APIs instead of commercials, publicity, and money….”

Image by carlos muza 

Image by carlos muza 

Keywords being testable, trackable, and scalable. 

These tools will help you do just that!

What are some of your business challenges? What tools or resources would you like to know more about? What are you using today? 


“I Hope To [Fill In The Blank]”: 3 Reasons You Should Start Today

In my former profession, I worked as a Sales Director, “I hope to [fill in the blank],” would be answered with “hope is not a strategy.”

And, well it’s not.

That sales principle relates to life, love, and work. You don't want to sit around hoping to get started. Hoping that someone gives you permission, money, a laptop, and encouragement, an outline of your business, or a kind word to get started. Think about hoping to fall in love. Yes, good things come to those who wait (cliché) because patience is a virtue (another cliché). But you have in your grasp the ability to make things happen - why would you wait? Who are you waiting on? What are you doing in the intermediate while you are waiting?

Here are three reasons you should get started on your book, your business, your ministry, and your project today.

You Are Getting Older

Yes, we are all getting older each day, and if we are blessed enough to see another birthday, then we age one more year. For most, age equals more responsibility (kids and family), more possessions, more baggage, more deeply held beliefs or ways of thinking that could limit your creativity. You have the idea today - act today. It won’t hurt to scribble a bit of your thoughts on a piece of paper this minute.

Your Passion Is Now

You have the passion for your project today. Why put off what you can do today tomorrow? Usually when I fail to write down an idea at the moment or wait to take action on an inkling I have, it typically never gets done. I never seem to get around to doing it. What if you and I got in the habit of doing things now? That good idea cannot wait, it wants out, so get it out or at least down.

There Is Great Pain and Joy in Getting Started

I will tell you from experience that acting on your passion hurts – especially in writing. To put yourself in a position where the outcome is your own can be immobilizing. But what happens next is transforming, slowly you begin to silence the annoying, negative voice in your head, slowly you come into your own, feel comfortable in your skin. You start to hear your inner brave voice clearly.

The voice that assisted you in imagining another world when you were young, the voice that encouraged coloring outside the lines, and applauded you for taking on dangers. It is that inner voice you desire to meet to assist you in chasing and accomplishing your dreams.



Productivity, Simplified

I once read that Jerry Seinfeld gave this advice to a young comic looking to make a name for himself.

I’ve filed this among my notecards under ‘productivity.'

"He told me to get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on one page and hang it on a prominent wall. The next step was to get a big red magic marker.

 "He said for each day that I do my task of writing, I get to put a big red 'X' over that day. After a few days, you'll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You'll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is not to break the chain."

 "Don't break the chain," he said again for emphasis.”

Did you start a chain today? Are you in the middle of one?

The goal is not to break the chain.

Happy New Year!