Creatives You're In the Business of Sales Too

Nothing happens until a sale is made. - Tom Watson Sr., IBM Founder

That paint brush you are holding, the camera in your hands, the paper you write on and the computer you design with all started in a warehouse waiting to be sold to a store and purchased by you. 

Without a sale or a buy taking place, your dreams would be impossible to achieve. 

If you are in business for yourself, if you are operating or would like to one-day operate a creative business you must come to the realization that you are in the business of sales. You are in the business of informing a potential client about your service or product before they have enough confidence in you to buy.  

your clothing line needs sales support. 

your clothing line needs sales support. 

You can come to this understanding one of two ways: when a gallery owner informs you that you need a larger platform for them to take the risk on your work or by creating a product and releasing it to the quiet sound of nothingness. No sales. No customers. No impact. No financial independence. 

After I wrote and self-published my second book, The Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Brave, this realization hit me. I must adjust my way of thinking if I want to sell books. I am not waiting on an agent, publishing house, the writing community to choose me. We must choose ourselves. Technology has made the barrier to entry accessible to people like you and me who are driven and hungry to create things in our lives. 

I spent my senior year in college and the first six years of my professional career in the sales industry. It was hard work but the skills I learned are invaluable to the way business is done today. 

I initially thought my writing and I could drift off into the sunset, and because I wrote a book, people would buy it and read it, wrong, wrong, wrong. Once you write your book, you take your photos, and you sing your songs it all needs selling to generate a profit. 

The challenge is yours. Will you take your creative business in your hands or wait to be picked? 

I recommended this book to my sales staff, and I will recommend it to you: Selling 101. If you would like to chat about goals for your creative business visit and click on the "I want 15-minutes" button. 

See you at the top!