Live Brave Podcast Ep 7: How Not to Become Your Worst Nightmare: A Critic

Episode 7 of the Live Brave Podcast is about your critics, why they exist, what they want and how not to become one. 

Today, we see critics everywhere. Criticism has become a favorite sport on all social media platforms and has hundreds of Youtube channels dedicated to pushing out the content. But with all the critics what is to be said about those brave enough to create? Individuals courageous enough to silence the noise of the world and lead with their passions to create change. I believe it is the creators who have and will continue to mold the world.

Take a listen and decide for yourself. 

In this episode I will discuss:
•    What I learned from reading the comments section of podcasters I love
•    Why critics, criticize   
•    4 steps on how to rethink criticism

Links and Resources:

Wayne Dyer – Your Erroneous Zone