#LiveBravePodcast Ep.5: Permission Seeking

“When you tell a man he is brave you help him to become so.” – Thomas Carlyle

Episode 5 of the Live Brave Podcast is a quick burst of motivation on the topic of permission seeking. When I left the sports industry in 2014, leaving behind years of work, contacts, and some amazing memories (NBA Championship game - Mavs win) I knew I wanted to explore writing and entrepreunrship but did not know where to start. This led me to look to others for permission and courage to just jump in.

Can you relate?  

In this episode I will discuss:

•    Where permission seeking comes from.

•    The permission seekers lie - I don't care about what people think. 

•    Give absolute permission to who? Listen Now. 


Also mentioned:

"When you try to be everything to everyone"  Quote by Muhammad Saleem