Live Brave Podcast Ep. 6: You Were Born To Lead on Social Media

When you tell a man he is brave you help him to become so.” – Thomas Carlyle

Episode 6 of the Live Brave Podcast is all about leading on social media and how to build your platform in the process. If you are on social media there usually is listed somewhere on the platforms home screen the label “followers.” Whether you have 5 or 500,000 followers you are responsible for leading your “followers” – but to where? How do you keep them in mind while building your brand?


In this episode I will discuss:

•    What I learned in the face of rejection about platform and branding.

•    Social media is bigger than one person. What are you saying to the world?

•    3 steps to leading well on social media: message, your why, and your plan. 


Links and Resources:

Simon Sinek – TED Talk: Start With Why