Never Count Yourself Out Until the Game Is Over


Let's get this out of the way. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, period. But being someone who enjoys sports and watching true competition unfold, Sunday’s game was amazing! 

The action in the 4th quarter alone was enough to make any sports fan want to suit up and get into the competition, no matter their ability to play (minor details). 

What I learned from watching Tom Brady’s miracle-esq comeback: 

Winners Win 
We can make excuses, or we can win. We can blame other people, or we can win. We can fall, stay down and cry about it or we can win. I believe whole-heartedly that winners find a way, anyway, to win. Sunday's Superbowl win proved this as fact for me. 

Never Count Yourself Out Until The Game Is Over 

Personally, I've had some moments at the 20-yard line in life when I was ready to throw in the towel. But what do we have to loose by going another 20-yards? What will you gain? Victory? Defeat? The chance to do things differently? Better? 

Depending on your perception, all of these choices are possible wins. My suggestion, stay in the game. 

Never Count Yourself In Until The Game Is Over 

Celebrating too early has been the death of many, as witnessed in last year's presidential election. We saw it again Sunday night. I don’t know if you caught this, before a winner was  announced  Falcons owner trotted down to the field late in the fourth quarter, as to accept a trophy for a game that had not been called. Tragic. 

In business, we must be mindful of our competitors and never rule out the fight in another man's heart.  

Winning Is What Matters

Deflatgate, spygate, Giselegate (joke), whatever-gate to my point earlier, winners win. There is no amount of ridicule that can deny the greatest comeback in NFL history, and while everyone else is making up reasons why Tom Brady is not a winner, he continues to win. The rest of us are merely spectators, viewers, witnessing someone achieving greatness. 

People say a lot. They will say a lot about you and me but at the end of the day winning is what matters. How well you run your race is what matters, so again, stay in the game. 

Prayer Changes Things

The image of Brady sitting on the sidelines, head down, shoulders dropped, is probably burned into the mind of Patriots fans everywhere. The memes were relentless.

tom brady meme, instagram 

tom brady meme, instagram 

The game was over for most Falcon fans. However, on the bench, Brady was doing something. 

I'd like to say praying to a higher power. 

It takes humility to confess our need and ask for help, but what are our other options in the face of defeat? When no one in this world can comfort or provide us the relief we seek? We go back to which we came, seeking answers, seeking courage to finish what we started.

Just maybe, Brady believes in the power of prayer.