Project Hug 2017

When I started Project Hug in 2012 at the Highlands of Dallas, I had no idea it would last this long. The annual Valentine's Day event is held on February 14th and our residents familiar with the cause were happy to see we were back at it again. 

This year we expanded to Meadows Health & Rehab Center because after five years it was time to grow and bring the day party to more seniors. As long as we had the need, the volunteers, and I was able purchase bingo prizes, cookies, and punch the party was on. 

Meadows residents are younger than our Highland Center crew and they were more competitive during bingo. Willy, a resident at Meadows told me that he was not interested in eating my cookies unless I baked them myself. Fifteen minutes later, I talked him into one of the store bought cookies and a cup of Hawaiian Punch. He could not resist the soft sugar treat with smooth vanilla icing nor my pleading. 

Overall, I believe the Meadows and Highlands seniors, staff, and Hug Team Ambassadors had a good time.

The day was a great reminder of what community means and how to spread love and be with people who are different from us in age and physical ability. A long life is a blessing and these seniors are still living it up.