What Grace Taught Me About Life

The Bible defines grace as God’s unmerited favor. When I look back over my life, I have been a receiver many times over of this grace. 

Life is crazy. There are so many directions that you and I can go in and so many things begging, pleading, and stealing our attention. I can sometimes forget that I am not here plowing along on my own. There is a lot done for me that I did not ask for nor deserve.

For starters, the fact that I was born here in the United States when I could have just the same been born in a country without the rights and the privileges given to me here. The grace of having a mother who believed in hard work, courage, and persistence; even after being left to raise my sisters and I by herself (oh, and did I mention I am a triplet). I think about the grace that was shown to me in middle school and high school by counselors, teachers, and coaches, who encouraged me to try harder and dig deep for the results I hoped to see. I think back to college, the ability to find the funding I needed to go and the jobs I held to make my way through. Collector, babysitter, student program committee are all jobs that could have gone to someone else.

Even my first job in sports was unmerited grace. It was by chance I met a guy who told me about a job working for the new sports team in my hometown. The situation changed the trajectory of my life and set me on the path I’m on today. All these things were working together for my good – grace.

The key for me is to live each day giving back the grace shown to me.