When Triplets Celebrate A Birthday

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the two other people that came into the world with me! You both have filled my life with more joy and fun than I deserve. 

As we celebrate the big one (the number we shall not mention). I reflect back to our childhood. Three little black girls, born in a small house with a red door, to a police officer and a bus driver. Mom made sure we had what we needed but most of all we had each other. 

I have not always enjoyed being a triplet because sharing everything I've ever had was not always fun, but it taught me sacrifice, and I learned to live with less, filling my moments instead with laughs, hugs, and tugs. 

Even though I was born one minute before you, Erica and three minutes before you Lina, you both treat me like the "big sister" of our crew, sharing with me your joy, heartbreak, and hang-ups. For me, it is time well spent because seeing you both happy is one of my life's goals. 

You both are resilient and determined. I remember the day you two left to follow your dreams in California, departing with little money and one plan, to make it in Hollywood. As I watched you both drive away, I knew I was looking at a piece of me live courageously. 

You two inspire me. Being your "big" sister is one of the greatest blessings of my life.