One-On-One Coaching

Write a book because you have something important to say. If you have a life story that inspires or information that you believe everyone in a particular niche needs to know, then do it.

– Guy Kawaski, New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author

‘‘The process can be rewarding, yet tedious. Let me walk you though the process of self-publishing your first book. I can help you avoid some of my rookie mistakes.’’ - earlina


Personalized coaching in three areas (choose one): 

1. Self-Publishing

Coaching on how to Self-publishing your book on Kindle Direct Publishing (largest self-publishing platform) includes: account setup, manuscript upload, cover design DIY, book formatting, pricing, to "publish". 

Strategies I developed from my self-publishing experience on how not to get stuck in the process and quit.

Setting up royalty payments and distribution channels

Direct contacts to cover designers, editors, copy editors and more. 

Coaching/Accountability for manuscript completion

2. Social Media/Email Marketing

Coaching on setting up your newsletter & blog 

Website hosting suggestions and feedback 

Coaching on which social media platforms are right for your book project or brand, set-up, tracking, and analytics. 

Recommend a posting schedule. 

Coaching on how to set up your Amazon Author page and Goodreads account.  

3. Business & Outreach

Launching your speaking business: what you will need!

Suggestions regarding payment platforms.

Buying in bulk and future editions of your work

Coaching on how to set up a successful book tour. 

Coaching on public speaking, working the room, and how to successfully sell your book at festivals and trade shows.


Earlina Green is a two-time self-published author of 7 Tips to Breaking Into the Wold of Sports and The Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Brave through Amazon Createspace, now Kindle Direct Publishing. Green partnered with Half Price Books Store in 2017 and 2018 for a book tour of her second book and met with readers from all across the state. She has given speeches across the nation, including West Point United States Military Academy, Ignite DFW, and Manhattanville College. Currently an instructor at Brookhaven College, Green teaches classes on social media and platform building for creatives, including an Introduction to Self-publishing course. In 2018, Earlina received the University of North Texas Communication Studies Horizon Alumni Award.

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