500,000 Instagram “Followers”, Thousands of Dollars in Endorsements and Depressed

Model, Youtuber, IG’er and social media “celebrity” Essena Oneill just bared her soul and it was absolutely beautiful! If you could make hundredths of thousands of dollars from social media would you? No really, would you? What if I told you that it required scripting your life, countless hours of self induced photo shoots, abandoning real friends for more popular friends to take pictures with and post on Instagram.

That is the truthful, tearful, and brutally honest story of Essena Oneill.

At age 12, she followed and ‘stalked’ all the famous and pretty girls on social media. Essena built a brand for herself by posting edited photos of her sometimes in nothing but a bathing suit on social media. It worked. She became one of the ‘famous’ girls amassing over 500,000 Instragram followers and hundredths of people watched her Youtube Channel but at the age of 18 (turning 19) the wake up call of a lifetime happens. Essena was depressed and miserable from the life she created and the kingdom she built up centered on self. She did what her soul needed to do in order to survive she gave it all up.

Those who try to gain their own life will lose it; but those who lose their life for my sake will gain it (Matthew 10:39).

Essena Oneill thank you for being transparent and authentic. The truth of our soul calls out and we must be brave enough to listen and take action.

“We are not followers, you are not a followers!” -Essena Oneill

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