A Changing Faith

Looking back at my early twenties I wonder how He ever got to me. I am talking about Christ. In my search for information and for knowledge I honestly thought that I could figure my own life out. That by collecting this information I would have the answers I needed to be fulfilled, content, and happy with whom I was and the life I was living. It was in my search for life’s meaning I came crashing into God and his ability to change my heart.

Through thought and reasoning He got to me. He got to my heart, and after everything I tried failed He was there with a question, had I had enough and was I ready to be shown His promise for my life. I had to give an answer. It was an undeniable, undebatable, yes. I could run from His truth no longer, and my life, my thoughts, my perspective has never been the same.

“He has set eternity in the hearts of men” –Ecclesiastes 3:11

I could not run forever and why would I when his love was so clear, absolute, overwhelming.
If you haven’t found what you are looking for and you still long for fulfillment why not be “open” to exploring who Christ is, what He is about, and how He could change your life?

Where to begin? A ask. A simple, direct ask for Christ to reveal Himself to you. Ask until you get an answer. He promises not to disappoint.