I'm A Christian, I'm A Drake Fan

At first glance of my own title a few (judgmental) words come to mind: hypocrite, poser, fake. My three-word response to this– don’t judge me.

In all seriousness, I am going to try and breakdown these two conflicting worldviews.

In my last post I discussed being saved by Faith and not by works. Meaning because I believe in Jesus, his death and resurrection I am saved. I, me, a mere human cannot do enough, or anything for that matter to EARN God’s love and salvation that’s why it was given to me as a gift.

What do we now do with my tendency to jam Drake’s secular and provocative music? I guess the real question is can an individual be saved and listen to Drake? My simple answer to this question is yes. One can be saved and listen to Drake–for the moment anyways.

How? God’s work in my life, in my perspective, in my thinking and on my heart is not complete, and His good work won’t be complete as long as I remain in this flesh, and in this world (Philippians 1:6). For the moment anyways, simply means that by surrendering my life over, he is working on me daily from the inside out. What I enjoy today may not be what I enjoy in two months or five years from now.

I understand that feeding kids in need is not a free pass to heaven, just as jamming Drake isn’t my ticket to the hottest place ever known (hell). If the music leads you to lust, pride, hate, envy and all the other things God dislikes then you should get rid of it. It is destroying your character and these things are putting a strain on your relationship with Him.

I came to an understanding of my own salvation, His sacrificial love, and His grace at twenty-six years old. Being human I struggle with my flesh and accepting God’s unfailing, perfect, without limitations plan for my life. Drakes’ music is simply a metaphor for all of life’s many distractions. These distractions keep us from fulfilling and from seeing God’s greatest commandment. Which is to love people and love Him with all of our heart.