My Open Letter To Ciara

While everyone is trying to give you and your boyfriend a hard time about abstaining from sex, you know the truth.

You know the truth because you are a woman, like most of us who have been hurt by a man. You know the outcome of giving your body, mind, emotions, and spirit to a man only to have them ungratefully returned. You know what it feels like to carry a man’s child, destroying your body and sacrificing your career to bring life into this world. You also know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result.

This time around a man will challenge your mind and pour into your soul before he is given your body. This time a man will choose to ‘lead you’ instead of misleading your emotions. This time you choose ‘you’ and the outcome is deeper love and self-worth.

You understand that no good thing comes easy and that a relationship requires commitment and self-discipline before both individuals can enjoy the true pleasures of being bound for a lifetime. This time you have a long-term goal instead of a short-term plan. Marriage is that goal and even if it is not openly spoken about now you understand that abstinence is self-denial for a period of time with a pay off far greater than imagined.

You are doing great. The Bible says that you can judge a man’s tree by the fruit it produces. You are blessed beyond measure with a beautiful son, prosperity, and a man who chooses to be a man.

You go girl!

“Women Everywhere”