The 'Individuals' Oath

As we struggle to catch our breath after nights full of racial tension, protest, and lockouts, due to injustice within the justice system the only question left is where do we go from here?

The fight against injustice is just as elusive as the war on terrorism. How do you defeat terror when it is an emotion within an individual? How do you overcome injustice when it is rooted in a countries history?

The issues and the answer are within the individual.

The individual is the key to correction, forgiveness, cooperation, and reconciliation.

The individual must take an oath, a promise that the days ahead will be better then the days behind us. I take this vow because I am an individual in control of my mind and the actions that manifest from it. This will not be just any vow. I will not decide to keep or disregard it out of convenience, because our future depends on it.

The ‘Individuals’ Oath:

  • I vow to love you. You are my neighbor, my mailman, my social media buddy, and my grocery clerk. I vow to love you fiercely, as I would love my dearest friend.
  • I vow to remove the log in my own eye before criticizing in yours. I am imperfect as you, and it will get us nowhere throwing stones. Let’s build together.
  • I vow to think. To think before I speak, to think before I judge, to think before I act. For it is only when I truly think about my actions and my speech can I see that you and I are the same. Our exteriors may be different but we are made of the same materials.
  • I vow to coexist peacefully. A peaceful, cooperative, coexistence is the only way I can guarantee a beautiful life for myself, my family and yours. We live on this planet, inhabiting the space, together. I will treat you, as I would want you to treat me.

Love is the motive.