You were created to BE

Sometimes in a world full of noise, you must remind yourself that you were created.

You were created to LOVE without restrictions.

You were created to BE, to be great, to be distinct, to be magnificent.

You were created to GIVE, give selflessly, to give every ounce of you so that the world around you is better.

You were created for COMMUNITY, it is in those around us we define who we are, and we become everything we should be. We must choose wisely.

You were created to GROW, grow outwards, to grow upwards. You were created to grow, to evolve. The mind longs for knowledge, for the experience to become more.

You were created to long for HOME, it is sometimes in old age that we finally realize that this world was never meant to be our home. Rich, poor, black, white, life ends and eternity begins.

“HE has set eternity in the heart of men” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Love is the motive