Your 2014 Mission

It’s now January 2014, great.

The only thing that has actually changed is the year, day, and month. For the most of us are resolutions are only a week away from abandonment and back to business as usual.

But, what if this year could be really different? I mean really? An absolute, without question, all out goal-crushing year. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Where to begin?

Because change starts with the renewing of our minds, which in turn, effect or actions and then our output, we must start from the inside out.

I propose a challenge, a mission with a predictable outcome. This year give Christ a shot. Give Him a shot at your goals, desires, wants, and your heart. What do you have to loose?  Worrying about everything in 2013 did not change one thing. This route is bound to take you on a journey of your likening.

We will start slow. Throw out the five-page list of New Year resolutions and decide to give the plans and the wheel to Him.

A Prayer:

Lord, you brought me out of 2013 and into 2014. I am grateful because so many people did not make it to see this day.  Thank you. In the New Year, I ask that you save me from myself. I have done things my way and, well, you know the rest. I want to try you. I give my life, my wants, and my desires over to you. You are a far better Captain than I could ever be. Plus, it helps that You made me so you understand my fears, shame, and regret. It’s all Yours now. Thank you in advance for making my 2014 a year to remember. In Jesus name, Amen.