9 AM: Higher Needs



We leave something out in the race to achievement if we forget to address our higher needs.

Most of us would like to have a lovely family, good kids, drive a nice car and live in a fine home; but what about our higher needs of esteem, love, belonging, safety and self-actualization?

These needs primarily fly under the radar to our most outward desires, and even though we may not discuss them they are needs that need to be fulfilled as well.

What if I told you that having a strong need for power and praise was just a symptom of a deeper need for esteem, and the strong need for material gain was to fill the void of wanting to belong and feel love. All desires turned outward to feel internal needs.  

In my own life, when I’ve desired things and positions over relationships and people I was left empty and uninspired. When I began putting people over possessions and mission over position I found my purpose. 

Dig Deep

Let me encourage you to dig deep when it comes to your relationships. You have a lot to give and you won’t know what you have until you give it away. Challenge your way of thinking by surrounding yourself with people who think different then you.


Love with your whole heart and find a reason to see the good in people. Doing so is truly the best way to have your higher needs fulfilled.