9AM: We Are All the Children of Detroit

Photo courtesy of Lakia Wilson, Spain Elementary/Middle School 

Photo courtesy of Lakia Wilson, Spain Elementary/Middle School 


The names and faces behind the reason for the depravity of Detroit’s school situation matter little. What matters is those kids and the education needed to get them out of Detroit. 

Most, if not all of us have been the kids of Detroit. We have tried to leave a situation, a relationship, a past, or our upbringing, but because of limited resources and assistance we were forced to remain in an unhealthy environment.

Can you recall that feeling from a past experience? Do you remember how you felt? How suffocating the circumstance was?

What kind of people are we if we allow kids in our own country to suffer like this? It comes down to a simple observation, would I want this kind of education for my child? If the answer is no then action is required. Period.

This is a human rights issue. These kids have the right to a roach, rat, and mold free education. They have the right to physical fitness in a suitable gym and decent books to learn from.

What can we do as engaged citizens?

·      Make some noise! Do this on social media and anywhere large amounts of people meet. State your concerns to your followers using appropriate hashtags.

·      Reach out to teachers in Detroit via social media asking what they need for their classes (ie, books, supplies, etc)

·      Make it happen. Whether it is a box of rulers or textbooks, engage, and respond. Do what you can.


If you are still not convinced this is a human rights issue take a look at the type of education these kids are receiving.