Burn, Baby, Burn

There is something enjoyable about watching the building burn.

The newly elected boss is burning down the entire building, and those that have been crucified, ridiculed and left behind wait in a gleeful quietness. They saw it coming.

The marginalized saw the corporate board and bosses set fire to the companies traditions, history, and culture.

The forgotten saw the wood truck pour in and saw leaders begin to unload the massive truck of timber.

They saw the fire setters enter the lobby and start to stack the wood. 

One by one the piles were laid.

One by one the imminent destruction was gaining momentum.

They said nothing because long ago they had been told that this was not their company.

No skin in the game meant no care for the companies end.

They stood by because what is a man or woman to do but watch the company burn in hopes that something else, something better would erect in its place; and if not, at least the top, the leaders didn't have a sanctuary either.