9AM: When Man Had Everything

Photo credit jamesInsogna.com

Photo credit jamesInsogna.com

When Man Had Everything

Our search for absolute truth will not be easy because there is so much in our way. Life, advertisements, our personal history, the present, and our unforeseen futures all stand in the way of hearing the truth and responding.

Fact, truth is hard to hear and even harder to understand because life is, well life. Who wants to hear they think too highly of themselves? Who wants to hear the boyfriend of girlfriend that one chooses is not a good decision? No one. We want our decisions and life choices confirmed and celebrated, not questioned.

Yet all still must be said in love and truth.

Looking at the scriptures God opens our journey for truth in a big way -- through creation. He leaves nothing to the imagination as he speaks all kinds of stuff into existence, the sky, the oceans, night, day, animals. Last but not least, out of his divine thought he says let us make man in our image. The greatest words ever spoken because in that moment you and I came to be. He molded and shaped us out of dust and breathed life into us.  

What a moment. We were originally endowed with all the things immortals are created with. The power to create, name and claim, shift and conquer, we were to rule over everything. As I read from scripture and write this I can almost feel the magnitude of that moment.

It was still unfinished. Just as the animals had mates so man needed one as well. God places Adam into a deep sleep, removes one of his ribs and creates Eve.

The story hinges on the significance of Eve and her role in the fall.

God had one commandment for these two. They could eat; frolic, and rule over everything in the garden but to steer clear of the tree of life. A tree that endowed man with the knowledge of good and evil.  

God gave man everything and had one command in return.

The enemy, our enemy to this day, convinces man otherwise in the greatest lie ever told. That lie plays on repeat in many of our lives today. God is not good, his word cannot be trusted and we know a better way.

We loose.

Our ancestors lost heaven and an eternity with God for all us but in the same position I would not have chosen any better.

The book of Genesis reads on, Cain kills Abel out of jealously, man rebels time and time again and still God provides by taking in men like Abraham, Noah and Joseph.

What we take from it today is that even when we have it all, the heart seeks, wonders, and demands more.

Can you reflect on an area in your life where you had what you wanted and still wanted more?

The Bible is as relevant today as it was then. Can you hear it? Can you hear the truth of your story playing out in the individuals that lived back then?

Will you listen?