9AM: You Are Who You’ve Been Waiting For

You Are Who You’ve Been Waiting For

Who could you possibly be waiting on to come and change your life?

This is a valid question for a variety of reasons.

As a young girl who watched her mother work until there was no more work to be done. I learned early in life that the only person I was waiting on was me. No one, and I mean no one was coming to relieve me of life’s hard work, sacrifices, and challenges that come with being an adult.

I will be truthful, there was a time I thought about being a “kept” woman but I have seen the unfortunate effects of sacrificing purpose for placement on a social ladder.  Old age is not kind to those who have squandered their talents because so many go without a voice to speak or even a sound mind to think.

You, yes you, are what you have been waiting on and with guidance from the man above you can handle your business.

But even that takes work.

Look around and I bet you see a bunch of people living lives and doing things they have no business doing. But if you are not careful the path of mediocrity catches us all. You have to know your “why” and stay with it. I talk about being brave all the time because I firmly believe that bravery is the key to looking your purpose in the eye and overcoming the challenges that will come your way.

It took me years to look my purpose in the eye and overcome all kinds of fear and doubt. I still struggle some days with the inclination to people please and be liked. But who cares. You and I are special and loved in the eyes of God and to each other we are just humans trying to make it without being rude. 

It is important for you to be the mother, wife, artist, and creator that you were meant to be. Use the world as a sounding board. ALL feedback is good feedback. Do not take criticism personally. It is that individuals problem if they don’t care for your work.

You got this. Oh, and find God. He created you and can assist you in finding your way. If you don’t know how – just ask!