Technology & Children

Photo by John Robert 

Photo by John Robert 

The kids, not knowing what to do or why a day with dad ended up in a Starbucks with him scrolling through Instagram as they took in the coffee shop's patrons. He unintentionally, yet intentionally creating space between him and his children. They tap, prod, whine, beg to leave the place filled with a strange bean aroma.

Their mother probably needed a day to herself not knowing that the kids would go without supervision for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The man she created these children with would be there and not there at the same time. 

I wonder does she know her husband spends his mental free time on social sites spying? First, it was a photo of a fancy digital camera, then a woman posing in front of the camera. He smirks. Then, it's the woman who owns the camera smiling with her small gray-haired dog. He scrolls. Another photo of her on the beach, in the water, laughing. He thinks about her and possibly the beach. A moment on the beach with her? No, that would be taking it too far. He, of course, has more "self-control" than that. The man, the father of three, hits the back button to pursue other eye candy.

Do you think we do it on purpose? We zone the entire world out to give into our secret desires. Our desires to look, over consume, obsess? Our friends, family, and children simply casualties of war. The war for our attention fought with a small device in the palm of our hands, and we win and lose the battle each day.

The people closest to us stand by, unaware if we are there or not, if we are researching a thought, completing a quick search, or in the midst of our secrets.

Technology, a tool that connects and disconnects has found its way into a day with dad.

Two girls, one boy, a combination any childless home would take in an instant. He is taking that time, those precious moments for granted. It's not until those things we love are gone that we desire to have them back. But those are dog wishes, prayers unheard, for the universe only moves in one direction, forward.

Photo by Clem Onojeghu

Photo by Clem Onojeghu

It's what happens when we get what we want. Years without children can dampen the love between two people. But having is not the same thing as not having. We have, and so we desire more or something else altogether.

The plight of being human I guess.