9AM: Free People

Dr. Martin Luther King 

Dr. Martin Luther King 


9AM: Free People 

The truth is sometimes you just don’t feel up to the challenge to take on the world.

As a young woman writing in her twenties there are so many things that I want to discuss, the state of politics, poverty, education, global issues (Yemen, Pakistan, Brussels, Africa, ISIS, Boko Haram ) and the future of the Republic.

The issues appear bigger than the solutions.

I am reminded that some things must be said and we can sort out the details later. The details of what an individual should say in “free” society. Details like, job security, politeness, and our human nature to get along. These details can wait.  

The nature of politics is a shimmer of what the future of this “free” nation will look like in the coming years. Silence on real issues, the issues that affect the working class, the education of our children, and the safety of our bodies can no longer be put aside to be tackled by professors, philosophers, men with weird hair, and news pundits. 

We must commit to find what we really care about and show our commitment to that cause by voicing the protection and the preservation of it. Whether that is protecting the right for kids to learn about history or the complete and prompt end to the sex trafficking of young girls - be committed to progress. 

I believe we can turn a corner. I want to believe that we can be better teammates in this race toward the finish line. The obvious looks us in the eye every morning and asks us, demands us to “be brave”.  If you want to protect this life, then you will have to reclaim it by methods that may seem foreign but are necessary. Fight with your mind by using your voice. Educate yourself.

We are not innocent bystanders to the atrocities that exist around us. We are silent participants.

Who will speak up for you when the worlds disorder is at your front door?

Live the life you dreamed. Love yourself and your community. Speak for those without the courage too.