9AM: Absolute Truth

photo cred www.sadlerswells.com

photo cred www.sadlerswells.com

We can know truth that will free us from the pain of this life and free us to live who we were meant to be.

Is there a truth so certain that we may live our entire lives by it? And if this truth exist how can it be known? Who may know it? And how will the rest of us recognize and understand it?

There are many truths that we can convince ourselves to be certain, such as love, connection, and closeness. In time these truths can reveal unexpected flaws. Is it because they are conceived out of our own desires? Our desire to be loved, respected, to feel close to others and feel connected to the world around us?

I believe absolute truth exist. I believe it is non-negotiable, infinite and eternal. I believe it existed before we were born and will live on after. I believe we can know truth if we have the desire. I believe that truth can be realized here, today, in this moment and if we are brave enough to listen the truth can free us.

The truth can free us from the lies we have been told about our future, self-image, and intelligence. Truth can teach us about the world, why there is so much pain, and injustice, and about ourselves. It can free us from the burden of our upbringing.

What about absolute truth? What are the absolute truths that exist in the world today? The certainty of sunset and sunrise can be seen as an absolute truth, gravity, and the fact that death awaits us all.

What I believe and discovered through my life experience is that the existence of God is an absolute truth. We see him in creation and through people that are in relationship with him. We see Christ as an absolute truth in life itself and our creation.

How will we find and/or confirm this truth?

I suggest we start our search for truth at the beginning. My mother taught me about an absolute truth in Jesus Christ when I was a little girl. She spoke of a faith in Christ that could move mountains and calm raging seas. She said this faith could set mans crooked paths straight and teach him how to walk upright.

Where will we find it?

We could learn from each other the truth of the gospels but we bring too much baggage into the interaction. For now, we will look directly at scripture; inspired by Christ and lived out in the world we live in today.

Will you take the journey with me? I am certain we may find what we are looking for along the way.