#TheBoldSelf: A New Book

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When I first started writing the outline for The Bold Act of Becoming Yourself, I assumed the book would be about challenging current notions of power, money, ego and our collective infatuation with celebrity and the need to be seen. These things fascinate me about the human condition because they create contradictions: what we do versus who we want to be. I thought I would write about how we free ourselves from these things to become fully self-actualized human beings.

What would be the final goal? To end the worldwide power struggle, thereby ending war, poverty, crimes against women and the other evils that plague our world. Ambitious. I did not assume that I would be able to cover these topics in one book but I thought I would try.

Reading and rereading, I kept running into the individual, you and me. What we believe to be true about life, our past and present kept coming to the forefront. Is it our past, our upbringing, our insecurities, and our fears that are the true reason for the world’s greatest tragedies?

Why is this book important to you?

Through suppression and repression, we manifest all sorts of human horrors. Hawkins alluded to in “Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender.” Hawkins goes on to say:

“there is a loss of creativity, energy, and real interest in others. There is a halting of spiritual growth and eventually the development of physical and emotional illness, disease, aging, and premature death, Most of all, the effect is the inability to truly love and trust another person, which results in emotional isolation and self-hatred.”

In becoming yourself you address what you seek to suppress and repress, you reclaim your God-given power to create and you save your own life and bring hope to others. This book is important to you if you seek freedom. Becoming yourself guarantees that you model the beliefs you hold dear by ending the illusion and contradictions between the outer and inner world.

The Question: Why is it so hard to be ourselves?

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