A Chance To Begin Again

I left the sports world four years ago, and occasionally I am asked about my time in the industry and the goal I had of owning an NBA team. 

Check out my interview with Jason Vo.

Here is a snippet from the piece: 

Your writing very much involves a prominent theme around bravery. 

I talk so much about bravery because without it we live lives for other people, in fear of ourselves, and we limit our potential. I lacked so much  in my early 20s, it forced me to go on a journey. Every time I hit publish on a piece, I'm riddled with anxiety, it's what's left over from when I cared most about what others thought of me. I'm a work in progress. But when I feel that emotion, I know that I am headed in the right direction.

About Jason Vo

Previously founder and editor of The Modern Block, an interview-based publication wherein Jason set out to discover the intersection between entrepreneurship and creativity, he found detouring conversations — conversations around love, happiness, introspection, and behavior — to spark a much more meaningful interest in his life. Selected interviews from his days at The Modern Block, along with new (weekly) interviews now live on this site.