Living Through The Image

Internet Image 

Internet Image 

I've found when trying to understand the world you and I must first learn everything about ourselves and our place in it. We must ask hard questions of our past, make servant the present through rigorous discipline, and challenge the future, if we will ever be elevated from our current status and go places we could never imagine.

The task is not for the timid. The world asserts itself on the human mind and body. Its will is commodification by any means necessary, and it is insidious in its methods. What you may think is your way of thinking and processing the world may indeed be that of the machine; through constant indoctrination, we have become a cog in the wheel and not the machinist. 
Your freedom, your very salvation lies in your willingness to seek the truth. But why? Why should any of us find a world outside of our bubble? The comfort that comes with constructing a life and living through it until death. You and I are building "images" as high as the sky that will force us to deny truth, justice, and the plight of our fellow humans to keep the "images" intact.  Just as we may define ourselves by our jobs, positions in relation to power, and the relationships we keep; our "images" are familiar to us as our mothers and fathers. To separate with them would mean to shred the very fabric that has allowed us to maintain our sanity and a sense of self. 

Then, why? Why would you and I shred the "image" for truth, love, and the soul? You ask. 

I will tell you that the whispers you hear in the dark of self-betrayal are real. For example, a few years ago I joined an organization that I thought would bring me comfort in my knowledge of the world. I thought it would confirm the best parts of me and I would be able to leave behind labels the world has burdened me with. What I received was something more threatening. A reminder that there is no running from self and if you are willing to face self the promise land shall be yours. 

To answer your question, I don't know why you would choose to annihilate the "image" for freedom. My husband once told me that if everyone gained knowledge of the "machine behind the veil" then society as we know it would cease to exist. 

But the truth is I only went vegan after constant stomach pains so maybe life has more to teach you living through the "image."