The Value in Self-Authoring Your Life

When you find yourself looking for validation from the people around you, remember that you were wonderfully made, hand-chosen to move through this life, at this particular time, and you have everything you need to complete your task.

Your only job is to believe you are what you need. Believing is the hard part.

Let’s take a look at what you have believed about yourself to get you to this point: competent, smart, pretty, helpful, friendly, nasty, an any-means-necessary type of person. Whatever your belief system, it has acted as a compass steering you to this moment.

What if you have what you don’t want? What if you’ve received that which you dislike?

You, my friend, require new beliefs.

For the past few months, I have been re-imaging my own life. What is necessary to continue evolving and to grow in spirit and mind; knowing that what got me here, won’t get me to my desired end goal.

One of the tools I am using for proper realignment, outside of prayer, is Jordan Peterson’s Self-Authoring course. The online program is a writing party! You write about EVERYTHING. I purchased the entire suite, which includes past, present, and future authoring exercises.

Peterson is a renowned clinical psychologist. If you have followed me for any amount of time online, then you know I am very fond and familiar with Peterson’s work, having listened to over 150 hours of his online lectures, podcast, and interviews.

That which I seek, I know, will not come to me in old patterns of thinking and being. I believe in the transcendence of the human mind to contend with an unknown future. So, what do you believe?

Below is an exercise from the Future authoring program. For more information on the course, click here:

The Ideal Future: Complete Summary

Close your eyes. Daydream, if you can, and imagine your ideal future:

• Who do you want to be?

• What do you want to do?

• Where do you want to end up?

• Why do you want these things?

• How do you plan to achieve your goals?

• When will you put your plans into action?

Write about the ideal future that you have just imagined for 15 minutes. Write continuously and try not to stop while you are writing. Don't worry about spelling or grammar. You will have an opportunity to fix your mistakes later.

Dream while you write, and don't stop. Write at least until the 15 minutes have passed. Be ambitious. Imagine a life that you would regard as honourable, exciting, productive, creative and decent.

Remember, you are writing only for yourself. Choose goals that you want to pursue for your own private reasons, not because someone else thinks that those goals are important. You don't want to live someone else's life. Include your deepest thoughts and feelings about all your personal goals.