#TheBoldSelf: Personal Agency

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It is raining in Dallas, again. The weather has a sort of numbing effect on my writing, shifting me to more automatic task like emails and stuff that does not require me to think so hard. For most people who spend a significant amount of time writing the opposite happens. Those types enjoy the rain because it slows down the outside world, therefore, slowing down their inner world allowing the words to come. Good for them!

As I sit, attempting to focus my mind long enough to finish this piece I watch people come and go from a seat in my favorite coffee shop. Inside there are those watching movies on their computers, some chatting away on their phones, others working diligently to meet deadlines and contractual agreements. Then you have those that work at this coffee shop. They have a different task. The shop is their environment. They are tasked with making sure the coffee is enjoyable, and the patrons of the coffee shop enjoy their visit.

The question of personal agency comes to mind: who has it, who doesn’t, what does it cost in a capitalistic driven country like America, and how to develop or help others gain access to it.

Agency by definition is the ability for a person, or agent, to act for herself or himself.

The definition would imply that most people in this coffee shop do not have agency as they work and operate on behalf of bosses and organizations with agendas that may differ from their own; but does personal agency matter on the job if it is compensated, swamped for health benefits, and a 401k?

How much agency do we give up in pursuit of someone else’s means? Is the trade worth it?

The coffee shop’s manager walked back into the shop and noticed that out of the five employees working only one was operating their station. He quickly walked to the back and shouted, “Where is everyone!” I am pretty sure they were standing in visual range of him. They hurried back to their post. He marched back to the front and reminded them that there were still things to be done even though no customers were in line.

The Bold Act of Becoming Yourself is not a book about questioning power but shifting our relationship or rather our position with it.

Reclaiming our agency will require discipline, creativity, and courage to build a life closer to the one we imagine.

Thank You For Reading:

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