Environment, Creativity & Wabi-Sabi Wisdom by Andrea Jacques

wabi-sabi wisdom

Question: How can I design an environment that naturally moves me towards my goals? 

I'm reading Wabi-Sabi Wisdom by Andrea Jacques today. I downloaded the ebook last night and have been moving through chapters I feel have some great nuggets to chew on over the weekend. 

In a chapter titled To Eat or Not Eat? That is The Question, the author talks about the time she moved to Japan for five years and it changed not only her perspective but her pants size. Why? Environment. While in Japan, cheese and bread were expensive and her circle of friends were into healthy lifestyles, in turn her environment was ripe for a healthier lifestyle. The author felt that the environment could be incorporated anywhere if she invested time into designing a space that naturally moved her in the direction of her goals. 

Question, does my environment lend itself to me creating meaningful work? If yes, how? 

For me, my easel and writing pad are readily available in my living room. I rarely need to leave the house to create art and I feel most creative simply sitting down and working without distraction. I could do better job building a community around me of creative individuals but overall my environment is designed to move me towards my goals. 

What about you?