My Superhero is a Police Officer

If you look around today you may ask yourself where have all the superheroes gone? The superheroes we looked up to as kids, the superheroes that fought off our ‘monsters in the closet’, our heroes that gave us courage on the first day of school and watched our back when we played make-believe crime stopper to save our own Gotham City. Well, my superhero has never left my side and to this day ‘she’ still is still fighting the good fight. She is my mother.

Where do I begin when I speak of my mother? The woman that had five kids raising them a majority of the time on her own, the woman that fought real crime on the streets of this city to provide a better life for her kids, the woman that had to buy everything in threes; including braces, backpacks and laptops to care for triplets, my sisters and I. The woman that even while being in retirement today still lends vast amounts of her time to serving at nursing homes and hospitals to care for the elderly and sick.

Mom, you are the hero the comic books spoke of and even though they don’t mention you by name not wanting to blow your cover, now, in retirement you deserve all the praise and recognition that one may receive. You are a woman fearlessly, phenomenally, and wonderfully made. God knew what he was doing when he knitted you together in his hands and I am forever grateful.

As we celebrate your birthday this month we celebrate a life lived in service to your community, your family, and for a purpose outside of yourself.

I love you mom, forever my hero.

Happy Birthday