9 AM: Committed


9 AM: Committed

I wonder what would happen if I committed myself to my goals for the entire year?  How would my life change if for 365 days I gave my passions and work everything I have to give? What about you? How would your life change?

Significantly I assume. Take this challenge with me.

My goals are simple.

·      I will continue blogging about topics that are impactful, meaningful, emotionally charged, and counter cultural being more consistent; and I will complete my second book in 2016.

·      I will speak at several youth conferences on the importance of abstinence, true freedom, God, ridding yourself of materialism, and what a year of Regeneration has done in my life (I have a few months left and my mind has been blown a number of times. Pride, control, and people pleasing are recovery issues).

·      I will read 7 books this year: The Rise of the Creative Class (finish it), A Peoples History of the United States (finish it), Linchpin, John Rawlings: A Theory on Justice, Write Like Hemingway, The New Digital AgeThe Guide to Understanding and Investing Money (if you have any money then you should know how to invest it. First, solid investment - yourself!)

·      I will pray and read my Bible daily.

·      I will develop deeper relationships with friends.

·      I will expand and set a growth plan for my business.

That’s all I have for now. What about you? What have you been putting off due to resources, time, and focus? 

Okay, well what if we uncovered the resources together by asking questions and getting specific? What resources do you need and what would you do if you received them?

We will have to dig deep to really focus and find the time by cutting some things out. I now schedule everything! For example, if I am on social media on my phone I set a 15-minute timer so I am not scrolling for hours.

It will take immense discipline and perseverance but next year will be here before you know it. Take a breath then, but for now just make the decision. Don't let me go at this alone. 


Fortune favors action. – anonymous