9 AM: What Are We Supposed To Do With All This Injustice

Image taken from Google search

Image taken from Google search

Mass incarceration, Tax-shelters  For the Wealthy, School Loan Debt, Inequality, Donald Trumps Mouth and the Oregon Standoff are all examples of a society is shambles.

In order not to get swept away in the propaganda you must focus your mind and steady your feet.

You are playing to win and the vehicles that distribute, feed on, and magnify injustice are distractions. You play to win by fully empowering yourself by not waiting on anything or anyone to do it for you.

The way you do that is through knowledge and action.

Knowledge comes from the books you read and the company you keep. There are no more excuses holding you back from improving your life, the lives of your community, and the people you love.

Action is combining what you know with execution. Now you are able to charge ahead, do not look for permission or acceptance.

You are the catalyst and all the permission you will ever need to take full control of your life.

Why? Take a look around. Most people are waiting on everyone else to make life better for them. You understand that if it is to be you are the change agent.

The injustice will continue and throwing verbal rocks at your television will not change it. Turn off the television, get off social media, say 'no' to pity parties, and get to work.