9AM: A Fair Exchange

As I lay in bed at night I know the truth of my existence. That I was meant to do more than just chase my desires like a dog chases its tail.

I remember the joys of my childhood time spent laughing with my sisters and feeding ducks with my dad. Those moments were real life. Those moments should be pursued, cherished and protected.

 I was sold something I did not want.

I was sold the dream of more, better, and winner takes all. The winners are usually those left holding the dreams of all those who willingly laid them at the alter of a fair exchange. But they were, like the rest of us -  fooled.

When you sacrifice your passions for money, when you trade in your dreams for security and when you lay down your life for acceptance you loose your soul.

 There is no fair exchange in that.

 I want to remember the days of my childhood. Remember dancing without a care in the world, laughing not ashamed to show every tooth in my mouth. Those are the laughs of individuals unhindered. The laugh of full contentment in a life lived free.