9AM Begin Again: The Struggle With Honing Your Creativity in a Modern Age

Begin Again: The Struggle With Honing Your Creativity in a Modern Age

I had to once again make an oath to myself to reframe from social media for next couple of weeks. As you know, the things that entertain us can also be the very things that keep us from doing the things we need to get done.

Social media and the Internets whether good or bad have a place in our lives and the great thing about these outlets is we get to make a conscious choice to participate or not.

As an aspiring non-fiction writer the Internet provides me with more distraction then benefit because I find it hard to resist the lure of chasing the squirrel.  The squirrel typically leads me from one video or article to the next without any regards for time or actual consumption of the material.

This is my biggest struggle.

But once you have been sucked in the key is to see each day as an opportunity to begin again. I have to fight the urge to quit all together and plant my feet firmly on finishing the task I set out to complete.

The truth is to become a good writer you must write everyday. To become a great writer you must write about subjects and topics that fuel your interest, becoming a master at articulating your point of view in a way that is enduring and relatable to your audience.

It takes practice.

Practice. Practice. Practice   

The best advice I can give on the matter at this time is to put immense effort behind what you seek to master. Set a schedule so that you can see when you are approaching deadlines or when deadlines have past. Start fresh everyday. Leave yesterday and the future where they are; be concerned with the present moment. Practice your craft if you feel like it or not.