9AM: Be a Doer Not a Critic

Be a Doer Not a Critic

“A non-doer is very often a critic, that is, someone who sits back and watches doers, and then waxes of philosophically about how the doers are doing.”

- Wayne Dyer


Are you a critic or a doer?

A critic spends his/her life in what they think to be meaningful work, criticizing other people, but at the end will realize that it was wasted effort centered in laziness and apathy towards life.

Think of the many moments in life where you have been a critic. A few come to mind for me, watching friends get into the college of their choice, observing someone in a successful relationship in my early twenties. In these situations it was me who has standing on the sidelines waiting for these opportunities to find me.

If you learn to DO the work upfront life can be an exciting ride with unexpected twist and turns. I never expected to have a successful career in the sports industry or travel to South Africa, cheer my team to a NBA championship victory or marry the kind man I met at a Starbucks.

Opportunities happen when you are busy DOING.

Before I married my husband it was important to the both of us that we were invested in a church that would give us the tools to go the distance in marriage. We went through a list of classes before we would be able to get married at our church; Merge (counseling for seriously dating or engaged couples), one-on-one (couples counseling with an elder couple at the church), community group and church membership requirements. Community Group for me was the most rewarding as it gave me the opportunity to air my junk to girls who were looking to also live authentic lives. We laughed and cried but the DOING was in showing up each week ready to unload and uplift. All of it prepared my heart and mind to marry my husband.

Life is a process

Everywhere you look there is an opportunity to take a short cut, to skip over the work. But what good would that do you for things you want to last? What good would it do you to rush into marriage, a career, and an opportunity without first having a deep understanding of what you are getting into? The process matters.

Don’t be that person who waste their life worried about not wanting to look bad or be vulnerable. You will wake up one day and realize that everyone was to be busy trying to find his or her own way to be worried about you.

Make something from your time here and get to DOING.