Company Men

Aiden Shaw, Google image   (Location observed: Dallas restaurant) 

Aiden Shaw, Google image (Location observed: Dallas restaurant) 

I observed that there are men of the majority race who seek to retain their souls.
Opting for jobs as bartenders, servers, and coffee makers. 
Opting out of the world where interruptions are competition and sexual innuendos are a part of the workplace banter. 
These men appear happy and at peace with their life choice. 
But what are they missing? Would it have been more fruitful to take part in the dance of their brothers? 
Yes, college is more affordable for the kids of company men; winter vacations in the mountains are occasions to create social envy, 
fast cars, and fancy dinners are the language of their cohorts. 
But is this a benefit? 
Described in the Holy Scriptures, our lives are like fog, we are here today and gone tomorrow. 
Are the trade-offs, missed holidays and cold turkey dinners worth it?
If not, is it pursued out of boredom? 
Oh, What absurdities are done in the name of boredom.